Payments and shipping



You can buy goods on securely and pay with:


Bank transfer details:

BANK NAME: Cassa Rurale Alto Garda
ACCOUNT NUMBER: IT18 Y080 1635 3200 0000 2333 859

IMPORTANT: always indicate the order number as the reason for the transfer; this will permit a faster processing of the order.

In case of payment by bank transfer, the customer is required to send the payment slip containing the order number within five days after placing the order. The payment slip can be sent by e-mail to The order will be sent immediately after the reception of the bank transfer.  Agraria Riva del Garda s.c.a. reserves the right to release the goods if the amount due will not be credited within five days, or if no communication of the bank transfer will been sent by the customer.

Whichever payment method you choose, your data will always be processed on secure servers.


Currently shipments are only possible to Italy and Germany.

Our sparkling wines and spirits are not available for delivery outside Italy.

Our courier of choice for shipments to Italy and Germany is Mail Boxes Etc.

For shipments to Germany of wine orders, the courier is Brigl s.p.a.

Shipping costs shall be calculated based on the weight-volume ratio.

We offer free shipping:

  • to Italy with an order of at least 100 euros [except for specific initiatives or promotions];
  • to Germany, San Marino and Vatican City with an order of at least 150 euros*.

*For orders from abroad with more than 3 bag-in-boxes of wine, even if included in an order of more than €150, the shipping costs for bag-in-boxes exceeding this number of pieces (3) will be charged.

For customers who want to buy wine abroad, there is a minimum order quantity of 6 units:

The units are composed as follows:

One bottle = 1 unit
One bag in box = 2 units

The standard time frame for the delivery of an order is a maximum of 5 days from the moment your order is entrusted to the shipping firm.
All the orders shall be prepared and shipped on the next business day after their receipt.

Orders containing wine will be shipped to Germany twice a week, usually on Mondays and Thursdays (if it is a public holiday, orders will be shipped the next working day).

Any order received after 12:00 noon on Friday shall be dispatched the following Monday to avoid unnecessary long stocks in storage warehouses.

Should any unforeseen events arise making it impossible for us to meet these deadlines (unexpected unavailability of the products), you shall be promptly notified thereof.

After completing payment of your order, you will receive a confirmation email in which you will find the tracking link whereby you can track your shipment in all its stages. This will allow you to know the day on which the shipment and subsequent delivery of your order is scheduled.

It is important that all the information required for delivery (address, street number, name and postcode) has been provided correctly in order to facilitate delivery. It is also important that your name and street number are clearly visible at the time of delivery.
As a result, we shall in no way be held responsible for any errors made by the customer in completing the form.

Please be aware that in case of non-delivery on the first attempt, you shall, at no additional cost, be entitled to another delivery attempt to be agreed with the carrier (release of stock). In any such case, additional information such as the telephone number of the customer shall be required.
The release of stock shall be made by Agraria Riva del Garda s.c.a., which will constantly monitor the status of your shipment. In any event, the customer should check the status of the shipment himself/herself using the tracking code that will be provided at the time the order is shipped.
After the second delivery attempt, the customer shall not be entitled to any further attempts. Therefore, the customer shall be required to collect the package as soon as possible at the carrier’s premises where the package is being stored.
In order to collect the package at the carrier’s premises, the customer must provide the shipping number and produce an identity document.
If the person who collects the package is different from the one stated in the delivery address, a proxy signed by the latter must be produced, certifying authorisation to collect the package.

Any additional information we may need for redelivery shall be requested by email.

In case the recipient is absent at the time of delivery, a notice shall be issued by the carrier to your address.

For shipments in Germany of orders containing wine, in case of non-delivery on the first attempt, the recipient will receive an email notification and the goods will be stored at the nearest pick up point. In case of wrong or non-existent address the goods will be returned automatically.

Agraria Riva del Garda s.c.a. shall not be held responsible for errors or non-delivery due to inaccurate or incomplete information provided in the order form. In the event of redelivery, any additional costs shall be covered by the customer (e.g. storage costs).
Please remember to check your data again and provide additional information (e.g. porter’s lodge, name on the bell, telephone number, etc.).


Thanks to our experience, your products will be packaged in the best possible way to avoid damage caused by possible mishandling by the carriers. We are committed to using as few plastic materials as possible, preferring paper and cardboard even for protective wrapping.