Trentino superiore, Late Harvest - 2013 vintage

Rena is produced from Nosiola grapes harvested after natural drying on the vine in a vineyard located in one of the most characteristic and ideally suited areas of northern Lake Garda in Trentino. 

The wine has a beautiful, lustrous golden yellow colour that is very vivid and appealing. The aroma has a good complexity, with notes that range from candied fruit to quince preserves over a good spicy base. In the mouth, the natural sweetness is softened by the lovely minerality, giving the wine perfect balance.
The ideal accompaniment to a variety of foods, including traditional desserts from Trentino and aged and blue cheeses paired with honey.
The ideal serving temperature is 10-15°C.


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1216 bottles at a depth of almost 40 meters: an ambitious project brought to life thanks to the joint efforts... 
The first of what we trust will be a long series of good news. 
Agraria is one of the great four companies that have received the honorable mention during the first edition... 
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