1926 - Organic

Italian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil -
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Born from the aim to give life to a product with an unique identity, 1926 is an organic extra virgin olive oil with distinctive chemical and organoleptic characteristics. The result of our olive growers’ passion and love for the land, also emphasized by our organic certification.

Color: yellow tending towards green.
Nose: medium fruity and grassy, with a distinct cut grass and green almond scents.
Flavor: harmonic flavor with a delicate bitterness and lively spicy.
It is an oil with character, capable to enhance the avor of all dierent plates thanks to its marked harmony.
0.50 liter dark glass bottles in cartons of 12.

1926 - Organic

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Agraria's extravirgin olive oil once again on the podium of the Japanese competition. 
The single-dose sachet of Italico Biologico, our Italian organic extra virgin olive oil, are here. 
1216 bottles at a depth of almost 40 meters: an ambitious project brought to life thanks to the joint efforts... 
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