Natural wellbeing - Extra virgin olive oil

GREEN as the color of the oil that tinges our tiny portion of 46° Parallelo.

The oil is a wise blend of three cultivar: autochthonous Casaliva variety is early picked and pressed with the Frantoio and Leccino varieties

The use of extra virgin oil involves the release of a physiological signal in the intestine, which connects fat consumption to the sense of satiety between meals.
The presence of natural antioxidants limits the formation of abnormal molecules.
It is suitable for all those with pathologies related to food imbalances and cardiovascular diseases.

Colour: yellow with visible green highlights.
Aroma: medium fruity with appealing fresh notes reminiscent of green almond.
Flavour: balanced overall, with a distinct yet slight bitterness and a stronger spicy note.
It is an ideal condiment since it does not overwhelm the flavour of foods. It goes well with lake fish and raw vegetables. Daily consumption of extra virgin olive oil, combined with a healthy lifestyle and moderate physical activity, produces the abovementioned health benefits over time. Olive oil is synonymous with enjoying the pleasures of the table and life.
Dark glass 0.10L bottles, 0.25L bottles and 0.50L bottles, 5L Bag in Box.


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