Natural purity - Organic

WHITE as the universal color of purity.

The oil is produced in a dell of the lake exposed to winds, rich in historical olive groves.
The olives are harvested early by hand, crushed, preserved and bottled according to the organic protocol.

The oleic acid present in extra virgin olive oil is essential and precious for health. Also linoleic and linolenic acids are present in proportions similar to breast milk.
This combination results in easy digestibility and protection. It is therefore very suitable for children, debilitated and elderly people, and those who make an organic lifestyle.

Colour: yellow with visible green highlights.
Aroma: medium fruity with appealing fresh notes reminiscent of mown grass, as well as bitter notes of rocket and green almond.
Flavour: decidedly harmonious and balanced, with clear, appealing bitter notes and more pronounced spicy notes. Leaves a lingering pleasant sensation in the mouth.
It is an excellent ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine due to its ability to enhance even the most delicate foods, from raw vegetables to fish dishes, without overwhelming their flavour. The recommended daily intake is between two and three tablespoons, depending on weight and level of physical activity, to be consumed during main meals. Athletes and people following specific diets may find it necessary to adjust this amount.
Dark glass 0.10L bottles, 0.50L bottles. 3L Bag in Box and 1.5L pouch up.


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