Natural strength - Extra virgin olive oil

BLUE as the water color of lakes and oceans, as typical for 46°Parallelo, as Casaliva is for us.

The oil is produced only with the selected autochthonous Casaliva olives, early picked and pressed for increasing the polyphenols content

Among the polyphenols of extra virgin olive oil a particular molecule has been isolated which has analgesic properties and acts as a natural anti-inflammatoryThis makes the extra virgin olive oil particularly suitable for those who use their body intensively.

Colour: golden green with good clarity.
Aroma: medium-intense fruity, strictly green with distinct herbaceous notes reminiscent of rocket and artichoke and hints of green almond, as well as pine nut and green apple.
Flavour: initially balanced with a delicate bitterness, it reveals a distinct spicy structure that accompanies renewed flavour sensations and finishes with an appealing mineral note.
When used in the right amount, it heightens rather than overwhelms the flavour of foods. It is delicious with local salted meat products and on sliced steak and thinly sliced raw beef.
Dark glass 0.10L bottles, 0.50L bottles.


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