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Fruits and vegetables

Alto Garda and Gresta Valley are famous for being the organic gardens of Trentino, those are the places where all vegetables and legumes that we sell in the Store are coming from. Trentino is an infinite resource of high quality fruit with productions, both regular and small fruits, including some of incomparable flavor niche products.


Bread and cakes

We use the local bakeries services that use high-quality flour and yeasts, organic too, to provide a wide range of flavors and varieties.




The Trentino cheeses are famous for the wide range of flavors and texture, soft, medium, grit, hard cheeses, blue cheeses, alpine, seasoned, with cow's milk, sheep, goat or mixed. You’ll find in our Store cheeses flavored with local products, such as our small form with prunes and olives, and the famous "Cru 50 & 50" a seasoned mountain pasture cheese consisting of cow's milk and goat at 50%.


Cured meats and cold cuts

Cold cuts from Trentino and local specialties such as Mortandela, Lucanica and Speck Trentino as well as all varieties of fresh and cured sausages, salami, cured hams, etc.


Butcher Shop

Reparto Macelleria

The Trentino typical butchery is represented by the Bertoldi Butcher Shop, inserted in the Store from 2010, manufacturer of the most prized Carne Salada from an ancient exclusive recipe. The meat comes from animals raised directly in Bertoldi’s farm.


Craft beers

Craft beers occupy an increasingly attractive space between the fans of good drinking. In addition to our Brr Riva Rossa and Chiara you will find many other craft beers with a focus on local productions.


Wine shop


In the cellar you will find all our lines of fine wines and bubbly. To complete the offer, a wide selection of prestigious bottles of the Trentino district such as national. A sommelier is always available for those wanting to deepen the tasting or ask questions.



For the spirits, we have selected some distilleries in the area, masters in transforming the skins in very precious mono-varietal grappas, stravecchie and spirits, including those branded Agraria, obtained from the skins of grapes of our Canteen..


Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Olio extravergine

In the large area dedicated to extra virgin olive oils all of our lines are having their own space - along with olive-based products - each one with unique features, to meet the different needs of customers. Here the qualitative excellence is put in the foreground: in fact it’s one of the busiest areas of our Store.


Vinegars and dressings


The selection of vinegars: apple, wine, balsamic, traditional or flavored, in traditional containers or gift shaped, for every kind of dressing, along with special salts, spices and herbs to enhance every kind of dish.


Cakes, Desserts and Coffee

dolci e caffè

Cakes, sweets and candies, highly refined handmade chocolate, rich in fragrances and cocoa tenors, along with a selection of the best blends of coffee roasted by local artisans.



For our pasta we make use of producers using selected grains to save the pleasure of enjoying a good pasta. Ideal for all first or baked pasta meals and summer cold pasta (enhanced by the taste of our pate).




Soaps, shampoos, bubble bath and home products made from olive oil, whose excellent cosmetic properties have been known since ancient times. A natural line, rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins, moisturizing, protective and antioxidant.

Agraria is one of the great four companies that have received the honorable mention during the first edition... 
Créa 2015 has been elected best Merlot by the Sienese festival. 
Uliva overcomes the competition and wins the first place in the United States. 
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